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Vera Cruz  Rated NR

Legendary screen icons Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster team-up for a magnificent, action-packed western from director Robert Aldrich and screenwriters Roland Kibbee and James R. Webb. With sweeping vistas and larger-than-life heroics, it's a tale as bold and rugged as the characters it so brilliantly depicts.


Cooper and Lancaster portray Benjamin Trane and Joe Erin, two daredevil mercenaries who journey to Mexico in search of adventure and cold hard cash during the 1866 revolution. But they get more than they bargain for when the wealthy and beautiful Countess Duvarre (Denise Darcel) hires them to escort her (and a fortune in gold!) to Emperor Maximilian's fighting forces in Vera Cruz. The trail is fraught with danger, betrayal and murder...and when Ben is swept up in the revolutionaries' fervor, he and Joe find themselves at odds with the Mexican Army and each other!

Gary Cooper
Burt Lancaster
Denise Darcel
Cesar Romero
Ernest Borgnine
Charles Bronson
Director: Robert Aldrich
Screenplay: James R. Webb
Screenplay: Roland Kibbee
Story by: Borden Chase
Editor: Alan Crosland Jr.
Composer: Hugo Friedhofer
Co-Producer : Harold Hecht
Producer: James Hill
Co-Producer : Burt Lancaster
Costume Designer: Norma Koch
Cinematographer: Ernest Laszlo
Production Designer: Alfred Ybarra