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Convicts  Rated NR

Oscar winner Robert Duvall "is terrific" (The New York Times) in this "vividly realized" (Variety) drama co-starring Lucas Haas (Witness) and James Earl Jones (Field of Dreams). "Gracefully adapted to the screen" (Los Angeles Times) by Horton Foote (Of Mice and Men) and ably directed by Peter Masterson (Blood Red), this riveting tale of an unlikely bond is "a tasty feast" (LA Weekly)! In rural Texas 1902, 13-year-old Horace (Haas) toils on a run-down plantation to buy a tombstone for the father he lost a year earlier. Soll (Duvall), the crusty old Confederate who owns the plantation, has yet to pay the boy a penny of the money he owes him. But on Christmas Eve, as Soll becomes obsessed with his own mortality, he makes a grand promise... forcing Horace to confront his fear of death and the harsh truths of a decadent society.

Robert Duvall
Lukas Haas
James Earl Jones
Starletta DuPois
Associate Producer: David Anderson
Production Designer: Dan Bishop
Based on a Work by: Horton Foote
Co-Producer : Horton Foote
Screenplay: Horton Foote
Art Director: Dianna Freas
Producer: Jonathan D. Krane
Cinematographer: Toyomichi Kurita
Composer: Peter Melnick
Director: Peter Masterson
Costume Designer: Nile H. Samples
Associate Producer: Leah A. Palco
Producer: Sterling Van Wagenen
Editor: Jill Savitt