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Stargate SG-1  Rated TV-PG

Stargate SG-1 the television series, picks up where the blockbuster film left off. Colonel Jack O'Neill (RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON) and his SG-1 team; Daniel Jackson (MICHAEL SHANKS), Teal'c (CHRISTOPHER JUDGE), and Capt. Samantha Carter (AMANDA TAPPING), set out to explore the mysteries of the Stargate. Each mission through the gate takes the SG-1 team to new worlds in a seemingly boundless universe.

Richard Dean Anderson
Christopher Judge
Amanda Tapping
Michael Shanks
Ben Browder
Claudia Black
Beau Bridges
Don S Davis
Director: Robert Cooper
Director: Brad Wright


  • Sun. Apr 27th9:00pm
  • Sun. Apr 27th10:00pm
  • Sun. May 4th9:00pm
  • Sun. May 4th10:00pm
  • Sun. May 11th9:00pm
  • Sun. May 11th10:00pm
  • Sun. May 18th9:00pm
  • Sun. May 18th10:00pm
  • Sun. May 25th9:00pm
  • Sun. May 25th10:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 1st9:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 1st10:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 8th9:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 8th10:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 15th9:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 15th10:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 22nd9:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 22nd10:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 29th9:00pm
  • Sun. Jun 29th10:00pm
Dead Man Switch

Dead Man Switch: SG-1 travels to planet PJ6-877 for a routine recon. Almost immediately after arriving, they are snared in an invisible forcefield by alien bounty hunter Aris Boch. Aris takes them to his cargo ship, which is completely invisible from the outside. He has come to this planet to hunt a Goa'uld named Kel'tar, who is wanted by the evil system lord Sokar. He attempts to solicit help from SG-1, in exchange for their freedom . then informs them that should they refuse to participate, he will take them to Sokar. Apparently, there are sizable bounties on the heads of Teal'c and Maj. Samantha Carter, and a reasonable bounty on the head of Col. Jack O'Neill, but Dr. Daniel Jackson could probably only be traded for a day's rations. After an unsuccessful escape attempt, SG-1 agrees to help Aris Boch catch his Goa'uld prey. Carter remains with Aris, at a safe distance from the cave in which Kel'tar is hiding, while O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c go in for the retrieval. When Kel'tar is captured, he informs SG-1 that he is not Goa'uld, he is a Tok'ra named Korra. If handed over by Aris, Sokar would torture Korra to gain information that would endanger many other Tok'ra. SG-1 and their new Tok'ra ally must find a means of escape or try, against all odds, to convince the cold-hearted bounty hunter to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Aris Boch's survival is dependent on something only the Goa'uld can give him. In order to get it, he must trade Korra's life for his own.

Sun. Apr 27th 9:00pm


Demons: SG-1 arrives at a medieval village and frees Mary, a young woman who has been left outside tied to a stake. Simon, friar of the village and Mary's friend, explains that Mary is a sacrifice for the demon that plagues their village. The leader, called The Canon, chose her when he mistook her illness for an evil possession. When the demon arrives and finds no sacrifice, it promises to destroy the village the next day unless five humans are left as sacrifices. SG-1 recognizes this "demon" and plots to destroy it, but The Canon pronounces SG-1 evil and condemns them to be sacrificed. SG-1 must convince Simon to go against everything he believes and set them free so that they can rid his village of its "demon" forever.

Sun. Apr 27th 10:00pm

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement: Upon exiting the stargate, SG-1 finds itself in the midst of battle. A group of SG soldiers battles a Jaffa army. Believing the soldiers to be the missing-in-action SG-11 team, Col. Jack O'Neill and the others provide assistance. Much to their surprise, the mystery SG team turns their weapons against SG-1! SG-1 wakes up in the soldiers' training camp with headaches and no weapons. The camp's leader, Capt. Rogers, assumes them to be from a rival camp until he recognizes Teal'c as a Jaffa. Rogers presumes that SG-1 has been sent by the camp's long-gone Jaffa leaders to test their battle readiness. The captain explains that the soldiers' standing orders are to practice battle using non-lethal Earth weapons until the return of Apophis. O'Neill tells them Apophis is dead. The soldiers don't believe him and resume their war games. As O'Neill and the others try to figure out what to do, the games take a disastrous turn when SG-1's confiscated . and decidedly lethal . weapons accidentally make it out onto the battlefield.

Sun. May 4th 9:00pm

Forever in a Day

Forever in a Day: During a rescue of captured Abydonians, including his father-in-law, Kasuf, Dr. Daniel Jackson sees his long-lost wife Sha're watching the activity from a nearby tent. He follows her inside, where Sha're . who is actually the Goa'uld Amaunet . takes Daniel in the grip of a Goa'uld ribbon device. Teal'c enters the tent with his staff weapon as Daniel falls unconscious. Daniel awakens in the Stargate Command infirmary, where Teal'c sadly admits he was forced to kill Sha're to save Daniel's life. Daniel refuses to believe this, until he is shown Sha're's body. Distraught over his wife's death and angry at Teal'c for causing it, Daniel pulls away from his friends and resigns from the Stargate program. When Sha're starts appearing to him in vivid dreams, Daniel must overcome his grief if he is to understand her desperate message.

Sun. May 4th 10:00pm

Past and Present

Past and Present: SG-1 travels to a planet whose inhabitants seem to be suffering from mass retrograde amnesia. They have no memory of their lives before the unknown event they call the "Vorlix," and they report that their elders and children are missing. The planet faces complete devastation unless the people's memories can be restored. The inhabitants introduce SG-1 to Ke'ra, a brilliant and personable young woman who has come to be the leader of her people. She and Dr. Daniel Jackson develop a mutual attraction. Ke'ra returns to Earth with SG-1 in hopes that her existing research on the Vorlix might help them find a cure. But as the investigation progresses, SG-1 begins to suspect that Ke'ra may not be who or what she appears.

Sun. May 11th 9:00pm

Jolinar’s Memories

Jolinar’s Memories: The Tok'ra Martouf arrives at the SGC with troubling news: Maj. Samantha Carter's father, Jacob, and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak, have been captured by the evil Goa'uld system lord Sokar. Jacob/Selmak is imprisoned on a moon called Netu . which Sokar has transformed to resemble the Biblical Hell. The Tok'ra believe that Sokar plans to launch an attack against the other system lords, gaining full control for himself. Martouf will try to rescue Jacob/Selmak, but his first priority is finding out how much Selmak knows about Sokar's plan. Unfortunately, no one has ever escaped from Netu. No one except Jolinar, and she never told anyone else how she did it. SG-1 and Martouf travel to Netu on a starship. En route, Martouf uses Tok'ra technology to access any of Jolinar's memories that might still be in Carter's mind. However, what Carter recalls are painful remembrances from her own past, and dark secrets that Jolinar never wished for Martouf to know. Once they reach Netu, Teal'c stays aboard the ship while the rest of SG-1 and Martouf search for Jacob/Selmak through the underground caverns of Netu ... but the unexpected appearance of an old foe foils SG-1's plan.

Sun. May 11th 10:00pm

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know: During an attempt to rescue Jacob Carter and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak, SG-1 and Martouf have been captured on the Hell-replica moon Netu by one of its denizens, who is determined to use their information to overthrow the Goa'uld system lord Sokar. With the aid of Tok'ra memory technology and a hallucinogenic drug nicknamed "the blood of Sokar," each prisoner is forced to relive vivid, painful memories. This time, however, they are unable to distinguish between memory and reality. Meanwhile, an attack by Sokar's forces leaves Teal'c with no choice but to seek backup from the Tok'ra. They respond with orders to deliver a bomb that will destroy Netu . and Teal'c's friends along with it.

Sun. May 18th 9:00pm


Foothold: En route to the infirmary after an extended mission, SG-1 learns that part of Stargate Command has been sealed off because of a chemical leak. Soon afterward, during their routine examinations, medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser injects each member of the team with a sedative, rendering them unconscious. Teal'c is the first to awaken; he secretly observes Dr. Fraiser and Gen. Hammond talking with two aliens. The general orders Teal'c and Maj. Samantha Carter placed in holding cells. Feigning unconsciousness, Teal'c waits until he and his escorts are away from the infirmary before overpowering the guards and waking Carter. Carter and Teal'c quickly realize that they cannot trust anyone in Stargate Command and must seek help from outside the base. During the escape, one of them is captured. The other must rely on the one person they can't trust in order to save SGC and Earth from imminent invasion.

Sun. May 18th 10:00pm


Pretense: The Tollan Narim pays an unexpected visit to Stargate Command, inviting the members of SG-1 to participate in a ritual known as "Triad." Only when SG-1 shows up on the new Tollan homeworld do they learn that Triad is an ancient ceremony of justice, and the person on trial is their old friend, Skaara. The Goa'uld Klorel's death glider crash-landed on the Tollan planet. Klorel was injured, which allowed the host personality, Skaara, to emerge and request amnesty. This Triad will determine which of the personalities will forever have control over the host body: the Goa'uld Klorel, or Skaara. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Col. Jack O'Neill are asked to argue for Skaara's position, while another Goa'uld, named Zipacna, will argue for Klorel's. As Daniel and O'Neill work on their arguments, Maj. Samantha Carter and Teal'c grow suspicious that Zipacna's presence might indicate an ulterior motive. But when SG-1 brings its concerns to the Tollan leaders, its protest puts Skaara in further danger of losing his identity forever.

Sun. May 25th 9:00pm


Urgo: SG-1 steps through the stargate on its way to a paradise planet and ends up at Stargate Command. Adding to their confusion is Gen. Hammond's assertion that the team was gone for 15 hours, not the mere moment that the SG-1 team-members perceived. Medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser's examinations of the team-members are inconclusive, but an analysis of the MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) data reveals a brief initial image of an alien lab just before the paradise view. They theorize that the paradise image is a means to lure people to the planet. But for what reason? As they try to figure this out, each member of the team begins to experience intense cravings. Fraiser soon figures out what is causing the cravings: a microscopic implant in each SG-1 member's brain. The team is relieved of duty and isolated until Fraiser can find a way to remove the implants. Soon SG-1 is hearing and seeing the image of a man who identifies himself as Urgo. His presence is generated by the implants in their heads; only SG-1 can see and hear him. Though Urgo claims he only wants to record new experiences, SG-1 begins to suspect he has another, more nefarious purpose.

Sun. May 25th 10:00pm

A Hundred Days

A Hundred Days: Col. Jack O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 have established ties with a small village on the planet Edora and its leader, Laira, with whom O'Neill shares a mutual and quiet attraction. Everyone gathers to watch the annual meteor shower referred to by the natives as "fire rain." At first, it's a pleasant light show, but an extra-large shooting star prompts Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson to conduct further research. Their results indicate that Edora travels through an asteroid belt every year, but every 150 years or so, the orbit hits a particularly dense section of debris. Those meteors strike the planet's surface to cataclysmic effect, and apparently this is one of those years. SG-1's evacuation of the villagers is all but complete when Laira discovers her son is missing. O'Neill rushes off to assist her, ordering the rest of SG-1 to return to base. Carter and Teal'c barely make it out in time before a large meteor hits the Edora stargate, burying it and trapping O'Neill and Laira on the distant planet. Both SG-1 and the Edorans are stunned by the loss of their beloved leaders, but SG-1 isn't prepared to accept this tragedy as final just yet.

Sun. Jun 1st 9:00pm

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey: SG-1 travels to Tollana to negotiate a trade. Col. Jack O'Neill becomes extremely annoyed when the Tollans refuse to cooperate, due to their fear that any weaponry given to Earth would more likely be used on itself than to protect against the Goa'uld. In an act that shocks the rest of his team, O'Neill steals a Tollan device as they are departing back to Earth. Upon hearing of Col. O'Neill's deed, an outraged Gen. Hammond relieves O'Neill of his command. When the Tollans pay a visit and announce that they intend to break all ties with Earth because of O'Neill's crime, Hammond has no choice but to offer O'Neill early retirement. Col. Maybourne, having learned of O'Neill's indiscretion, pays him a visit at home to make an interesting offer: Join a rogue stargate team, under Maybourne's command, that steals alien devices for Earth.

Sun. Jun 1st 10:00pm

New Ground

New Ground: The SG-1 team travels to the planet Bedrosia, where, unknown to them, the planet's two cultures have been at war over their opposed beliefs regarding the stargate. Upon their arrival, SG-1 is met by the curious Nyan, a scientist. Nyan explains to them that their arrival through the stargate proves that the beliefs of his rival culture, the Optricians, are true and that humans were brought to this planet by aliens through a gateway. His culture, the Bedrosians, believe that human life evolved without a gateway and was created by their god, Nefertum. The team's arrival is soon detected by a group of Bedrosian soldiers and their leader, Rigar. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson are captured, while Teal'c and Nyan narrowly escape. During his escape, Teal'c is blinded. Rigar cages his three prisoners and interrogates them as to how they arrived on his planet. He believes that they are Optrician spies; they insist that they traveled here via the stargate. Rather than face the possibility that his people's entire belief system is wrong, Rigar chooses to destroy all evidence, including the SG-1 team. Though blinded, Teal'c, with Nyan's help, must outwit the Bedrosians before Rigar can execute his plan . and Teal'c's comrades.

Sun. Jun 8th 9:00pm

Maternal Instinct

Maternal Instinct: Bra'tac, accompanied by his battered Jaffa apprentice, arrives at Stargate Command pleading for medical assistance. He announces that Chulak, the home planet to himself and Teal'c, has been brutally attacked by Apophis, and he goes on to explain that it was as though Apophis was looking for something. Dr. Daniel Jackson deduces that the "something" had to be Harsesis, the child Apophis fathered with Sha're/Amaunet. This forbidden child would contain all the knowledge of the Goa'uld and, if he were to fall into the wrong hands, could be the Goa'uld's undoing. Using the combined knowledge of Bra'tac, Daniel and the available computer analysis, SG-1 decides the most likely planet on which Harsesis would take refuge is Kheb . a place from Jaffa and Goa'uld legend. Bra'tac and SG-1 travel to the planet in search of Harsesis. Realizing that Apophis could easily come to the same conclusion about Kheb, the SG-1 team knows it must hurry to find the child before Apophis does.

Sun. Jun 8th 10:00pm

Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull: Dr. Daniel Jackson becomes intrigued when the video transmission from the MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) reveals a huge Mayan pyramid with a glowing crystal skull in its center. He tells the rest of SG-1 and Gen. Hammond that the skull appears to be identical to one that his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, found in Belize in 1971. He goes on to explain that his grandfather claimed that the skull possessed a power to teleport people to a place inhabited by aliens. After the academic community shunned Nicholas because of his seemingly ridiculous claims, he never recovered. The team travels to the planet to investigate. Daniel approaches the crystal skull and is drawn to stare into its eyes. Meanwhile, the cavern housing the skull begins to emit high levels of radiation. The team starts to evacuate, but Daniel is entranced by the skull. Several moments later, Daniel's body undergoes a phase shift and becomes invisible. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter and Teal'c must flee the lethal radiation, leaving behind the invisible Daniel. Teal'c, being somewhat protected from the radiation's effects by his symbiote, returns to the planet to look for Daniel. When he can't see him, he acquires the skull and returns to Stargate Command, unaware that he has Daniel in tow. SG-1 solicits the help of Daniel's grandfather, whose failure at proving his Crystal Skull theory has landed him in a psychiatric institution. They bring Nicholas Ballard back to Stargate Command in the hope that he can unlock the secrets of the skull and bring Daniel home.

Sun. Jun 15th 9:00pm


Nemesis: While preparing for a week of leave, Col. Jack O'Neill is engulfed in a white glow and disappears. Maj. Samantha Carter immediately recognizes that O'Neill has been transported away by the Asgard. O'Neill materializes, a little disoriented, on Thor's ship. He begins to hear a strange sound and moments later is faced with hundreds of menacing-looking metallic bugs. He freezes as they swarm past him. O'Neill heads in the direction the bugs came from and finds a very weak Thor. Thor tells O'Neill that he is dying and directs him to a control panel for further information, because he is too weak to continue explaining what has happened. O'Neill learns that these bugs, called Replicators, are artificial organisms that have overtaken Thor's ship and have directed it toward Earth. The effects of the Replicators reaching Earth would be devastating. O'Neill appears back in the briefing room of Stargate Command in the form of a hologram. He informs Gen. Hammond and the rest of SG-1 of the situation. He orders them to gather a large amount of explosives that he will transport up. The team, of course, wants to be transported up as well, but O'Neill orders them not to come. O'Neill can't believe his eyes when the explosives arrive with SG-1 in tow. They have little time to formulate a plan to outwit the Replicators and destroy the ship before it reaches Earth, hopefully finding a way to save themselves in the process. But as time runs out, the only answer seems to be a kamikaze-style sacrifice of the ship by crashing it into the sea . a tactic that will spell certain doom for the SG-1 team trapped on board....

Sun. Jun 15th 10:00pm

Small Victories

Small Victories: SG-1 returns to Stargate Command with news that Earth has been saved from the Replicators . only to learn that one of the deadly creatures was not destroyed.

Sun. Jun 22nd 9:00pm

The Other Side

The Other Side: Stargate Command is contacted by Alar, a representative of the planet Euronda. His people are under attack and in need of help. Gen. Hammond sends SG-1 on a humanitarian mission to deliver food and medical supplies.

Sun. Jun 22nd 10:00pm


Upgrades: Anise, a new Tok'ra representative to Earth, approaches Stargate Command for help in testing some mysterious armband devices discovered amid the ruins of a distant planet. Anise believes the devices could be a powerful weapon in their war against the Goa'uld.

Sun. Jun 29th 9:00pm


Crossroads: SG-1 responds to an incoming wormhole with their ally Bra'tac's signal. Instead of Bra'tac, they greet Shan'auc, who tells them that she has come on behalf of Bra'tac.

Sun. Jun 29th 10:00pm